Department: Operations

Operations Supervisor
Reporting To:
Operations Manager
Yuba City, CA

Under the direction of the Operations Manager, the Operations Supervisor is responsible for the efficient and economical operation of one or more product packaging lines and/or processes; safe and effective use of staffing; compliance with the collective bargaining agreement and Company rules, regulations and policy. The Operations Supervisor is also responsible for the adherence to production costs, budgets and methodology and the achievement of quality and quantity standards for Sunsweet product. Other important duties include constantly evaluating new and improved methods of processing and packaging product and building a problem solving, positive, teamwork environment. Schedule depends on departmental needs and requires an individual capable of working any day of the week or weekend and any shift.



Continually reviews quality testing throughout production to make sure product meets quality standards for the package or processing item.
Responsible for maintenance of quality, weight and yield standards.
Responsible for maintenance of sanitation standards in processing area.
Ensures compliance with 5S practices, employee Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), good housekeeping standards and other programs within the department.
Recommends and implements procedures to promote product quality.

Actively promotes the efficient deployment of assigned personnel by insuring effective supervision, training, adherence to quality standards, safe work habits, compliance with production methodology and performance standards, encouraging cross training, etc.
Communicates production plans and standards with assigned personnel.
Monitors and ensures quality of work performance for assigned personnel and minimizes the use of overtime, waste of materials and loss of raw product.
Confirms compliance with quality and quantity specifications.
Maintains proper control over parts and tools relevant to assigned area of responsibility.
Recommends equipment, equipment modifications, adjustments and/or procedures to promote productive maintenance and efficiency. Executes a preventative maintenance program.
Responsible for ensuring timely implementation of assigned new production systems in the production area.
Manages maintenance staff, maintenance materials and related programs in assigned area.

Ensures adherence to company work rules through timely and appropriate use of disciplinary procedures. Performs investigations of events/performance and provides documentation, testimony and evidence to support enforcement of rules, regulations and procedures. Requests Human Resources assistance in correcting employee performance problem areas.
Assures compliance with the collective bargaining agreement in the assignment of work, the use of work rules, training, pay, overtime and other requirements.
Works toward constant improvement in safe work practices. Promotes safe work habits and procedures among assigned personnel.
Holds regular job site safety meetings.
Encourages employees to report problems in production, product quality, safety, maintenance and other production/processing related areas.
Completes and maintains current job safety analyses and assists Human Resources in the updates of job descriptions to include physical, mental, safety and environmental job requirements.
Implements training, discipline and other company programs.
Certifies the completion of employee training to standards and qualification of employees with appropriate documentation to Human Resources.
Maintains positive employee/supervisor relationships.
Proactively works to prevent conflict and tension among employees.
Supports and implements company's EEO commitment as integral part of employee management.

Facilitates communication of company mission, programs, directives and goals to and among assigned personnel.
Promptly informs immediate supervisor/manager of known or anticipated problems.
Ensures clear and timely communication and coordination within department and with other departments to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Must possess (unless otherwise indicated as a preference):
AA degree or equivalent experience
2 5 years leadership experience in manufacturing
Ability and willingness to work any shift
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Proficiency in PC applications: Word, Excel, Groupwise (e-mail)
Strong interpersonal skills
Demonstrated ability to solve problems
Team player capabilities

4-year degree in business, food technology or other relevant major
Food processing, bottling, and/or packaging experience
SAP software experience
2 5 years of supervisory/managerial experience
Labor relations experience

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