Everyone likes snacks, but did you know they provide your body and diet with many important benefits!

Snacks Give you Energy

It's easy to grab a cookie or muffin when our energy wanes at the office. They may deliver a scrumptious quick fix, but as a habit, they take a big bite out of our budget and our energy reserves. Choosing complex carbohydrates containing fiber helps to keep our energy revved so we can make it to the gym, the Boardroom, or wherever our energy needs us to go.

Snacks are a key way to replenish antioxidants throughout the day

Antioxidants are important vitamin-like compounds that help support our immune system, promote a healthy heart and slow the aging process. Some antioxidants (water –soluble antioxidants) are not stored by the body and remain in our system for only 4 to 6 hours. It's important to replenish our body with these nutrients throughout the day - including snack time.

Snacks help you eat right!

Skipping meals causes us to lose touch with our body’s natural hunger cues. When meal time finally arrives we tend to eat too much and choose the wrong things (because we are so hungry). Factoring in small snacks between meals helps keep our appetite in check, our hunger satisfied, and helps us to make healthier choices at all of our meals.

Snacks stabilize and energize blood sugar

Fueling our body with meals and snacks at regular intervals is necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar not only helps us control hunger cravings, it reduces our risk for diabetes and even helps promote fat loss. The ultimate even blood sugar snack should include complex carbohydrates, along with a little protein and fat.

Snacks save money

Fresh fruits and vegetables play an important part in healthy snacking. It's optimal to plan around what's currently in season because out-of-season fruits and vegetables are sometimes imported, expensive and often tasteless. Dried fruit provides a nutritious and more shelf-stable option year round, which could save money on spoiled food.