What do real consumers really have to say about Sunsweet products? Quite a lot, we're proud to say. Read what some of them have had to say below. Do you have something to say about Sunsweet products? Send us your testimonial.

PlumSweets – “We love PlumSweets, my husband and I go through them as fast as we get them.”
- Christine, OK

PlumSweets – “These taste so good and are healthy too, I will buy again.”
- Marlene, WA

PlumSweets – “Hello, I am taking a minute to write a comment to you. For the first time, I tried one of your products and it is awesome! I purchased two packages. The Sunsweet dark chocolate PlumSweets are delicious. I am so glad that someone told me about Sunsweet and this. PlumSweets may end up on the regular list. kudos!”
- Cheryl, FL

PlumSweets – “This weekend I bought my first bag of your dark chocolate covered prunes. They are amazing. I will be buying these every time I grocery shop. Thank you for this yummy & healthy treat!”
- Becky, VA.

"Your dark chocolate PlumSweets are as good tasting as any of the expensive chocolates I have ever purchased in candy stores."
Beth, West Virginia

"Your new PlumSweets are delicious…they have become my favorite snack. I’ve recently learned I have a wheat intolerance, and as a result I’ve had to find alternate snack choices. Whomever thought this up is a genius. Tell that person I said thank you, I love you…and please create other dark chocolate/fruit combos. I’m telling everyone about these."

"I just tried your Berry Blend product for the first time. What a great idea! Delicious AND high in antioxidants. I'm hooked :0)"
California consumer

"I've been eating Philippine-style dried mango for many years. They are not easy to find. I am so happy, now that I can buy them from Sunsweet. It's about time."
Diane, Burbank CA

"I have associated Sunsweet with only prunes my entire life. In fact in years past, I never stopped at the dried fruit aisle. Now, I am seeing and buying so many intelligent and new Sunsweet products. I most enjoy the Antioxidant Blend, but I have only seen it in Costco. I also have enjoyed the Berry Blend and love the convenience of the individually wrapped prunes. And the apricots are delicious!! A healthy digestive system is so important these days and it is so great to know your company is on the forefront of health by creating such a great and new line of products. I can't wait to see what Sunsweet will come out with next!"
Gianna, California

"Your Plum Sweets snacks are decadent. It feels almost sinful to eat them but then I realize how healthy they are. Thanks for creating such a delicious treat."
Margaret - South Windsor, CT