What do real consumers really have to say about Sunsweet products? Quite a lot, we're proud to say. Read what some of them have had to say below. Do you have something to say about Sunsweet products? Send us your testimonial.

Plum Amazins – “I wanted to let you know that we recently put your plum amazins in a batch of brownies. We were just looking for a way to add nutrition to one of our favorite desserts. They turned out very good. The plums added to the chewy factor and sweetness while sneaking in fiber. We loved it!”
- Dawn, Florida

Plum Amazins – “I just love these, I eat them on my oatmeal or eat as a snack.”
- Margie, MS

Plum Amazins – “I love these, I eat them in yogurt, cereal, snack, salad, dinner entrees.”
- Marlene from LA

Plum Amazins – “I love the Amazins and I use them in salads. HMMM .”
- Pearl, TX

D’Noir Prunes – “I absolutely love your D’Noir prunes. These are the best prunes I have ever eaten! I was told to eat prunes for my bones. When I saw these, I knew these were the ones for me, as I eat everything as healthy as possible. So I have to have the preservative free, which I was surprised to find you had. It was all I could do to make it last for 3 days. I would love to be a taste tester for you. Thank you for the quality products. I would love some preservative free apricots.”
- Mary, NJ

D’Noir Prunes – “I just wanted to take a moment to say that I can't get enough of your D'Noir Prunes. If I have any complaint is that they are so delicious that it becomes difficult not to go overboard. Thank you for your delicious prunes. Thank you!”
- Kate, FL

D’Noir Prunes – “I just want to let you know these are the best prunes I've ever eaten... On a scale from 1-10, they'd be a 10. The bag told me to go on the website, but I couldn't find where to write what I thought. Thank you so much for this great product.”
- Jessica, NJ

D’Noir Prunes – “My family has been savoring the D'Noir Prunes for over a year. On the package it states, "...please tell us what you think...” so I'm doing just that. I have sensitivities to various preservatives. Consequently, I have tried many organic or 'preservative-free' dried fruits. NONE of them compare to these prunes! All other brands are tough and rather tasteless. They've definitely not been a pleasure to eat. D’Noir Prunes, on the other hand, have become my family's new dessert. We eat them every day, most often after dinner, and that includes three teenagers. Personally, I think they call forth flavor and texture similar to chocolate; and I consider myself a chocolate connoisseur. During the average week, several bags of D'Noir prunes are consumed at my house. Even our rabbit loves them - they're her most favorite treat. Keep up the excellent work! I would love to see D’Noir apricots.”

Ones – “I just wanted to write and tell you how much my family and I love your single packaged prunes. They are a perfect snack for on the go and healthy too! The best part is they taste so amazing! They have just the right flavor and couldn't be better! Thank you for the product that my family and I just can't get enough of!”
- Becca, GA

Ones – “I live by the ones. Really loves the product I am 88 yrs. old.”
- David, LA

Ones – “The “individual wrapped dried plums” in the 7 oz container is definitely a hit with me. They’re always fresh and moist and so easy to drop a few in my purse and go.”
- Nancy, NV

Ones – “My family of 4 loooooove your Ones CA prunes...we have been buying these for a while now and we go through 2 of the 12oz value packs a week!”
- Isabel, CA

"I absolutely LOVE your prunes! Thank you for creating a healthy way for me and others to snack. A very happy customer!"
- Becky, Wisconsin

"I love your Orange Essence Prunes for a snack. They're perfect while reading a book or watching a movie. Thanks for putting together such a fine product!"
- Nadine, Iowa

"I find your Bite Size Pitted Prunes by far the best prune fruit product on the market. Your prunes are so moist and tasty that I refer to them as candy to friends and family."
- Marcus, California

"You have an excellent product!"
- Morton, Alexandria

"I want to say how much I love your Prunes. The plums are the perfect snack size and are so delicious. I truly enjoy eating them!"
- Joanne, Washington

"May god bless you for your Gold Label Lemon Essence Prunes."
Henry, New Orleans

"I like your prunes very much! They are a great snack while watching T.V."
Michael, New Jersey

"I have enjoyed your fine product of Sunsweet Prunes for many years."
William, Glendale

"To our joy, my family and I eat your prunes daily to maintain our good health. Thank you!"
Cecile, Canada

"My husband and I enjoy your Cherry Essence Prunes. We plan to purchase more soon! Thanks!"
Valerie, Michigan

"I just loooove your Sunsweet prunes.. soo delicious. I went to fat camp last year with a bad attitude and a sweet tooth. Your prunes changed my outlook on eating healthy and now i've lost 29 pounds and now have more confidence in myself all because I love your prunes. Thank you for saving my life, I just praised the lord baby jesus everyday for you and your prunes to lift me up from this life of fatness... and i could not be more thankful!"
Belle, Beaumont, TX

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your Sunsweet Pitted Prunes! Upon reading about the health benefits of prunes, I bought a pack to give them a try. Honestly, I was intending on forcing myself to eat them, since as a little girl, I assumed they were disgusting, old-lady food. How wrong was I! Your prunes are so good and moist that I have become completely hooked! Thanks again!"
Victoria, Massachusetts

"Your prunes stayed fresh from the time I opened to the time I finished them. Sunsweet Prunes are truly amazing!"
Carole, Michigan

"Oh how I love Sunsweet Prunes! What an amazing treat. I am truly addicted!"
Holly, Portland

"My chiropractor told me about your convenient SMART SNACK 8-Pack. They are great to put in lunches or for snacks anytime and best of all, they taste great!"
Marie, Illinois

"I recently had surgery and the pain medication prescribed for me is constipating. My doctor ordered a stool softener but my wife bought Sunsweet Cherry Essence prunes instead. They are not only effective in regulating my bowels, but they also taste delicious! How clever to add different flavors to an old favorite!"
Brian, Yucca Valley CA

"I love your product called "Lighter Bake". I've used it for baking cookies and cakes. My cookies stay moist and soft longer than when I use butter. Unfortunately, my local store that carried it, has discontinued it. I'm going to suggest that the Trader Joe's, in Everett, WA, carry it. I think it would sell well there, since they carry many healthy items. I even told my gym class about Lighter Bake, and a few of them tried it and liked it. I will have to order it from you website if I can't find it in any stores. It was suggested by you operator to split an order with a friend, so that the cost of shipping doesn't make the price too high for the product."

"Congratulations on your Sunsweet Ones, the individually wrapped dried plums in a canister. I think this is one of the greatest products I have seen lately!! What a great idea…a grab and go healthy snack in a canister that would fit beautifully on a kitchen counter or office desk (instead of the usual candy dish). I bought some for myself and I plan to purchase an additional canister as samples for the healthy eating classes I teach.

Thanks for a great product."
Laurie, Wisconsin

"Dear Sunsweet,
I love your new Cherry Sunsweet Prunes! I use your dried fruit in my favorite banana bread recipe. Instead of one cup of nuts, I substitute dried fruit (flavored prunes or apricots). I've eaten the orange and lemon essence prunes for years! Thanks for making superior products!
Lucy Boys, Tennessee

"Thank you so much for producing the VERY BEST tasting prunes; your competitors don’t hold a candle to your prunes!! Not only are they great tasting, but sooo good for you. They are the a great snack in the afterrnoon when you need something to tide you over until dinner.

Thank you also for the great reusable container (on 20 oz. size) which is also recyclable! Sunsweet is definitely a household name at my home!!"
Jacquie, Illinois

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how much I am enjoying the “Ones” prunes you have on the market. I’m trying to lose a little weight and these keep me away from chocolate. Whenever I feel like I want a piece of candy or chocolate, I get out my Ones. The fact that they are wrapped individually and look like a piece of candy helps me fight that urge to cheat. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this product of yours!!"
Dana, Delaware