Volume 9 • December 2011


The holidays are here! It's time to invite friends and family over to celebrate the season. Below are some helpful tips to make entertaining a cinch this year.

KEEP SHOPPING SIMPLE Grocery stores are crazy during the holidays. There's no sense in traveling to several stores to find exotic ingredients; plan a menu that takes standard, easy-to-find, but still healthy ingredients, like Sunsweet© Plum Amazins™ to add to delicious recipes.

KEEP ENTERTAINING & HAVE FUN! The dishes can wait; they will be there when everyone leaves. Be a guest at your own party. Surround yourself with good friends and good food, and make sure to set aside time to enjoy them. You worked hard for this!

SWEET HOLIDAY SAVINGS For more tips on holiday entertaining check out Sunsweet's Sweet Tips on our Facebook page. Be sure to become a fan and download a coupon to save 55 on your next bag of Sunsweet Dried Fruit. Don't forget to share the tips and savings with your friends.

Impress guests with this recipe for Berry Chutney Torte featuring Sunsweet Berry Blend or Antioxidant Blend. Dried fruits, like berries, are a great addition to baked goods, appetizers, entrees and more. They help add flavor and increase the nutrition by adding fiber and antioxidants.

With the hustle and bustle of the busy season, it's easy to let good eating habits slip a little...ok, maybe a lot. From holiday parties to marathon shopping sprees, here are a few easy tips to keep in mind to help maintain good eating habits.

Never go to a holiday party on an empty stomach. Eat a healthy, satisfying meal before the party, and you'll be less likely to over-indulge in all those tempting holiday treats.

Don't shop 'til you drop! Keep a few Sunsweet Ones™ in your purse to stay fueled during holiday shopping sprees.

Start your meal off with a hearty salad to help yourself avoid overeating. Top your favorite variety of greens with Sunsweet Dried Cherries and light vinaigrette. Prest-o salad-o!

Create a new family holiday tradition this year get moving! Try ice skating, a playful snow fight, or a back-roads hike to get the whole crew out of the house and into the great outdoors for some fresh air and fun times.

Did you know that not only does fiber promote healthy digestion; it can also be a secret weapon for heart health? Several studies have shown that diets high in fiber are associated with lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, lower risk of diabetes and healthier weights and lower rates of obesity! A great way to fill up on fiber is to drink just eight ounces a day of PlumSmart®. PlumSmart is made from a variety of plums that help deliver the fiber and minerals that help contribute to digestive health. In a clinical study, it is shown that it can help regulate digestion in just two weeks. Feel better on the inside, look great on the outside!1

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