Health Professional Edition • Volume 3 • January 2011

Just because the economy is struggling, doesn't mean that nutrition has to! Below are a few tips to help keep clients and their pocket books in check.

• Reach for Shelf-Stable Snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables play an important part in healthy snacking. It's optimal to plan around what's currently in season because out-of-season fruits and vegetables are sometimes imported, expensive and often tasteless. Dried fruit provides a nutritious and more shelf-stable option year round, which could save money on spoiled food.

• boost energy. It's easy to grab a cookie or muffin when our energy wanes at the office. They may deliver a scrumptious quick fix, but as a habit, they take a big bite out of our budget and our energy reserves. Choosing complex carbohydrates containing fiber helps to keep our energy revved, so we can make it to the gym, the boardroom, or wherever or energy needs us to go. Sunsweet Ones are portable, affordable and a compact powerhouse of energy, antioxidants and fiber.

• Maintain Antioxidant Levels. Antioxidants are important vitamin-like compounds that help support our immune system, promote a healthy heart and slow the aging process. Some antioxidants (water –soluble antioxidants) are not stored by the body and remain in our system for only 4 to 6 hours. It's important to replenish our body with these nutrients throughout the day - including snack time. Since prunes rank high in antioxidant capacity, Sunsweet Ones are a scrumptious way to replenish these valuable nutrients in between meals.


Sunsweet Announces
Healthy Living Webinar:

Katherine Brooking on Antioxidants, February 24

Do you have clients asking you about super foods and antioxidants? Looking for an informative and easy way to earn continuing education credits? If so, please join us as Sunsweet holds its second free webinar in the Healthy Living Series which will focus on antioxidants and the benefits of "super foods" led by Registered Dietitian Katherine Brooking.

Katherine Brooking, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and communications expert. She is dedicated to helping people achieve better health and richer lives through sound nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Katherine is a frequent nutrition contributor to top-tier national morning shows including NBC's "Today" show, "Live with Regis & Kelly," CBS's "The Early Show", and has her own website,

On February 24 at 1 p.m. ET, Katherine will lead a free webinar on antioxidants including the total diet approach, super foods and breaking down antioxidants. You'll learn about impacts of high antioxidant foods on your clients' lifestyle, including definition, health benefits and research.

Interested in attending the February 24 webinar? Please email us by clicking here and we'll send you the registration details later this month.

Did you know that January is California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month? Prunes… dried plums, whatever you call them, this is the month to celebrate this amazing fruit! Portion-controlled snacks such as 60 Calorie Snack Packs and individually wrapped Ones make it easy to stick to resolutions.